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Steve Goodwin has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 30 years. He works on many and varied projects and illustrates in different styles. He has a particular interest in linocut printing and InkyCrowArt is dedicated to this work. He likes to combine the traditional hands-on crafting of linocut printing with modern digital techniques.

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The Process

The illustrations always start as a pencil sketch. This sketch is developed into a pencil drawing at the size of the illustration.

The drawing is transferred onto linoleum and then hand carved using tiny gauges. The areas not being printed are carved away leaving the areas to be printed. Many of the illustrations utilize two or more colours, each colour is a separate carved block. 

Each block is printed in black ink and then scanned at high resolution. The now digital images are coloured and composed in Indesign software to create a final digital artwork ready for printing.

The digital artwork is then printed in two different ways. If produced as greetings cards, the lithographic printing process is used. This is a common commercial printing process at very high quality.

If the designs are produced as art prints the technique is Gicleé. Gicleé is used for very high quality art and photography printing. It is a process similar to inkjet printing but uses more colours which are pigment based (as opposed to dye based). The images are very rich in colour and definition and the colours are permanent.

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