Illustrations by Steve Goodwin

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Montage of MG Midget and MGB GT iluustrations

New MG Illustrations

MG Midget and MGBGT Illustrations

New to Inky Crow Art are my illustrations of the MG Midget and MGBGT. The models illustrated are of the 1960s – 1970s era when they still had chrome bumpers. The later models had large rubber bumpers required for the American market.

The Midget is the smaller car based around the A-series engine which was also used in the Austin Mini and other models of the period. It is a car that is great fun to drive on twisty roads and tracks, but not a quick car. The illustration is based on the MG Midget owned by my brother, a car he has owned for over 30 years.

The MGB is a larger car that had similar virtues to the Midget, but better performance and touring ability. The MGB uses the larger B-Series engine. The illustration is of the MG BGT specification, a fixed roof and hatchback.

Montage of MG Midget and MGB GT iluustrations
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